An End-of-the-Year Letter from Belle of Louisville Riverboats

There is something magical about the Ohio River. If it were not for the river, our city would not exist where it is. For centuries, it has been both a conduit for travel and exploration and a gathering place.  

The river provides us all with a unique perspective. We mean this literally: where can you get a better view of our city’s iconic skyline? We also mean this figuratively. Once you are on the river, you are stepping away from the noise of everyday life. It provides a sensory experience like no other, where you can savor the natural elements and relish the beauty of the architecture on both sides of the shore.  

Here at Belle of Louisville Riverboats, we feel the ebb and flow of the river as the seasons pass. The process of getting ready for winter is an opportunity to experience necessary traditions that have carried on since Louisville’s earliest days as we ready the boats for the unpredictability of the weather and the water. As we prepare for the quiet of the colder months, we welcome the chance to reflect on a successful season of embracing tradition and making new memories.  

2023 was an exciting year for Belle of Louisville Riverboats. We continued to welcome more people back to cruise in numbers higher than in previous years, and we launched new programs and cruises that allowed us to lean into our mission to present fun, meaningful and engaging experiences on the water like no one else can. 

If you’d like to personally support our preservation, education and community-building work, click here.   

We are looking forward to another magical season on the river in 2024.  

Until then, cheers! 

Read on to Learn More About Our Milestones

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