Crew Spotlight: Tom Coursen, Alternate Chief Engineer

Tom Coursen began working as a Fireman and Striker 20 years ago and has since worked his way up to become Alternate Chief Engineer!

Crew Spotlight: Krista Snider, CEO

Meet the CEO of Belle of Louisville Riverboats, Krista Snider, to learn more about the extraordinary role she holds within Belle of Louisville Riverboats and its legacy.

Crew Spotlight: Mike Fitzgerald, Captain

Captain Mike Fitzgerald began working at Belle of Louisville Riverboats as a deckhand 49 years ago and has moved up through various positions including Pilot, Alternate Master Captain and even Executive Director!

Why Belle of Louisville Riverboats is a Must-Visit for Every Louisville Tourist

Belle of Louisville Riverboats is a must-visit location for every Louisville tourist because it offers a unique history, a variety of cruises and views from the Ohio River you cannot find anywhere else.

Crew Spotlight: Martha Gibbs, Calliopist

Martha Gibbs spent years dreaming of playing the calliope aboard the Belle of Louisville and, in 2005, that dream came true when she auditioned and became a calliopist! Meet Martha in our latest Crew Spotlight.

Crew Spotlight: Daniel Lewis, Chief Engineer

Meet Chief Engineer Daniel Lewis to learn more about the important role he holds within Belle of Louisville Riverboats and its legacy.

Behind the Scenes: Paddlewheel Repairs

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the paddlewheel repairs our crew completed on the Belle of Louisville in July!

Crew Spotlight: Edward Tanner, Mate

Get to know Edward Tanner, Belle of Louisville’s Mate, in this edition of our Crew Spotlight series!

5 Things to do Aboard a Belle of Louisville Cruise

One of the things that makes cruising aboard the Belle of Louisville so unique is the opportunity to enjoy cruising along the Ohio River while simultaneously visiting a living, operating museum! Not only this, but visiting the historic steamer allows guests the chance to learn more about the Belle’s history and watch how 19th and 20th century technology work together to keep the boat operating. Continue reading to learn more about what to do next time you’re aboard a Belle of Louisville cruise!

Crew Spotlight: Stephen Settles, Assistant Engineer

For this month’s edition of our Crew Spotlight series, we are interviewing Belle of Louisville Riverboat’s Assistant Engineer, Stephen Settles! Stephen has worked for the Belle for seven years, starting as a Fireman and Striker. While every day on the job looks a little different, Stephen says the most unique aspect of his job is […]