2022 Year-End Letter From Krista Snider, CEO

Here on the river, we notice the changes Nature brings with each season, perhaps, quicker than some. Winter, for example, asks us to slow down, to turn inward and focus on different things. The weather means less demand for cruises and water conditions often insist that we stay land-side more often than not for a few months.

So, Belle of Louisville Riverboats (BOLR) crew and staff shift from cruising with thousands of people onboard every week to focusing on maintenance and repair projects, planning, budgeting, fundraising and prepping for the coming year.

For me, Winter and the turning of the page to a new year is a welcomed chance to reflect before starting anew. It’s heartening to take the opportunity to be both grateful for what we’ve endured and to celebrate what we’ve accomplished.

Now more than ever, the preciousness of enjoying our days and creating special experiences for others seem to be gifts that we should take time to appreciate. The world appears to be so focused on hurrying and hustling, often without asking where we’re rushing to and why? Who are we affecting with our actions? What have we and can we accomplish for ourselves and the community that makes a truly lasting difference? Can we do more if we chart a new or better course?

As BOLR sets new goals for 2023 and beyond, we consider our roles as an important symbol of Louisville, a one-of-a-kind historical attraction, an educational institution and a place where thousands continue to make memories that last a lifetime. As a supporter, you should know that we’re committed to doing more than ever to make sure that Louisville’s boats– the Belle, the Broaddus and the Mary—stay relevant and are utilized to strengthen the city’s connection to the river that created it, even as conditions get more and more challenging for us all.

If you’d like to learn more about what we’ve accomplished this year, click here.

If you’d like to personally support our preservation, education and community-building work, click here.

In the meantime, cheers! Here’s to hoping 2023 is smooth sailing for us all!

With Much Gratitude,

Krista Snider, CEO

Belle of Louisville Riverboats

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